Lead Aprons

easy_wrap_apronFeaturing the 2 most common aprons in 3 types of lead, 4 sizes, and 20 colors and patterns to choose from, you will find what you are looking for. With the exception of the 4 Quick Ship aprons, everything is made to order in Wolf’s X-ray factory in Deer Park, NY. Because of that, the made to order aprons take about three weeks for delivery. However, I have on hand ready to ship within 48 hours the medium and large Navy Blue aprons in either style in Regular Lead.

Selecting your lead preference

Besides color, size, and style, you have to select your lead if you are making your own apron. First of all, and most important, they all give you .5mm of Pb protection. That’s the essential part. After that, it’s just weight and money. The lighter they are, the more the material costs because the minerals used to make the radiation protection material costs more than lead. How much heavier? Think of it this way, go to the grocery store and pick up a 10 pound bag of potatoes. Then add to this weight two one pound bags of carrots. You are now holding a size large regular lead apron. Now put down one of the bags of carrots, and you have a light lead aprons, putting the other bag down and you have a lead free apron. If you are going to be wearing an apron all day, the one or two pounds might be a consideration, but for a few minutes, it’s not going to make much difference.

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