CR Plates

imaging-plates-carestream-point-of-careFor those of you using a CR Digital system, I know replacement plates are expensive, but I do have an alternative for you.  For the past 4-5 years, I’ve been getting my replacement CR plates, (both Medical and Dental ) from the people at RC Imaging.  Formerly known as Rochester Cassette, they have been around for years and at one time did all the repair work on  the x-ray cassettes for Eastman Kodak.  They made the transition to digital in a major way, and have become a great source for their branded CR plates.  No, I’m not selling Fuji, Agfa, Orex, or ScanX plates.  I’m selling “just as good as” equivalent products.  I know this is the case because I’ve had experience with these products, and dealing with returns and unsatisfied customers is not the business I want to be in.  So, go over to the store and you will see what I have to offer.  I know you will like the prices, and I’m just as sure you’ll like the product.

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